Maithili Raelle
Maithili Raelle

About Maithili

Maithili Raelle was born to touch nations with her voice.

The NYU freshman has lived and breathed music since she could form words. She recalls waking up mornings to her parents blasting music throughout her New Jersey home — whether Bollywood or ‘70s and ‘80s pop hits — and training in classical Hindi music when she was five years old.

It became a new, universal language for her, connecting her to different experiences and emotions. “Music is like a diary with underlying messages that we can all relate to,” says Maithili.

Now she is looking to make that connection with her own music. Her name, itself, represents an Indian language of emotional bonding as well as a goddess of courage and abundance.

But, she is more than a name. Maithili is proof that we can all become the greatest versions of ourselves. She is the quintessential girl next door with pop star potential — and she revels in that unexpectedness.

While her sweet, breathy delivery enchants listeners, it is her ability to tap into both her deeper and higher whistle registers with bold impact that is garnering industry attention. It makes sense, as she counts such powerhouse greats as Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston among her influences.

Maithili is also keen to represent her diverse cultural heritage as she builds her brand. Both of her parents are of Indian descent — her mother was born in India and her father in Uganda.

“So many times, I’ve seen new artists change who they are in order to achieve mainstream success,” explains Maithili. “I am proud of my heritage and am committed to staying true to who I am as I reach for the stars. I want other aspiring artists to not just know, but see, that if I can do it, they can do it, too!”